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Frequently Asked Questions

   1.   What are the monthly assessments?

         The current assessments are $117 per month, broken down into three areas;

          a.  Common area charge to homeowners and lot owners;

          b.  Private Sanitation System charge to homeowners and properties under construction (including pumping of resident’s septic tank

               every four (4) years); and

          c.  Garbage Service charge to homeowners living in the residence (optional recycling service is available for an additional fee of

               $8.00 per month).

   2.   How does the front gate work?

         The front gate remains open during the day. The gate closes at 9:00 pm. Car tags are available for purchase to enable the

         front gate to open as you approach. A call box is also available for you to let yourself in when you are not driving a vehicle with a

         gate car tag and to open the gate for your guests (you or your guests use the call box to call your cell phone number and you

         activate the gate using your cell phone). A temporary code can be assigned for house-sitters/pet-sitters when you are going to be

         away from home for an extended period of time.​

   3.   Are the homes on a septic system?

         Yes. All homes are connected to the neighborhood’s private sanitation system. Each house has a septic tank which is connected

         to the 13 settling lagoons located within the 900-acre estate.

         The homeowner monthly assessments include access to the sanitation system and the pumping of your septic tank once every

         four (4) years.

   4.   Can I keep my RV on my driveway?

         No. The use restrictions do not allow for the long-term storage of trailers, RVs, campers, etc. on your driveway.

         Within the 900-acre site, there is a secure parking area with 90+ bays to keep such items (maximum of 40 feet in length). This is

         available on a first-come first-served basis and required an additional fee.

   5.   Can I build a new house within Victoria Estates?

         Yes. There are a few open lots remaining. Typically, each year about four new homes are built. The new construction standards

         can be downloaded from the Information for Realtors / Prospective Owners page.

   6.   Are there restrictions on how I can use my property within Victoria Estates?

         Yes. There are Use Restrictions for all residents within Victoria Estates. The Use Restrictions can be downloaded from the

         Information for Realtors / Prospective Owners page.

   7.   Do you have to own a house on the lake to use it?

         No. Any homeowner within Victoria Estates can use the lake. A boat ramp key can be obtained to launch your boat into the lake.

         However, the lake is for Victoria Estates residents, and their guests, only.

   8.   What utility companies serve Victoria Estates?

         The neighborhood is served by the following utility companies:

          a.   Electrical service by Kentucky Utilities;

          b.   Phone service and Internet by AT&T;

          c.   City water service by Georgetown Water Service;

          d.   Premium TV is supplied by satellite providers; and

          e.   Trash service is provided as a part of the monthly assessment; recycling service is optional for an additional $8.00 per month.

   9.   What are the local schools?

         Victoria Estates offers access to great schools within Scott County, with a school bus route through the neighborhood.

         Visit for further information.

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