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The lake at Victoria Estates is private. Use of the lake is limited to

Victoria Estates residents and their guests. Guests are welcome;

however, a property owner must accompany their guests at all

times. The only exception is that unaccompanied immediate

family members shall be permitted to fish provided they have the

property owner's fishing pass in their possession. Immediate family

members are defined as grandparents, parents, children,

grandchildren, and in-laws (such as daughter, son, mother, and father)

of the property owners. All others are considered guests,and are the

sole responsibility of the property owner.

No person will be allowed to fish from any lot without the property owner's

permission. If a property owner has guests who are fishing from their property, the property owner or a member of the family must be present. No person is permitted to fish from an adjoining lot without permission from that lot owner.

The maximum number of guests that may accompany a property owner while fishing is three (3). However, if you are having an event the maximum number will be waived.

Use of boats on the lake shall be limited to no houseboats or any boats in excess of eighteen (18') feet and no boat shall be propelled by any engine or motor other than electric trolling-type motors, except boats maintained or operated by the Association or the developer for official use. All boats must be registered with the VEHA and receive a sticker for identification.

See below to review and/or download full fishing and lake usage regulations and information.

Fish Size and Keep Limit

Fish Species                                    Size Limits          Keep and Possession Limit           

Large Mouth Bass

Catch and Release





20 fish per person per day

Red Ear Sunfish

9" or larger

5 fish per person per day (not to exceed 10 total per boat or fishing party)


Grass Carp

Catch and Release

Fishing, Boating & Lake Document Downloads

Questions? Please e-mail the VEHA Lake and Wildlife Committee at


Catch and Release

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