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Information for Realtors / Prospective Owners

This page is intended to provide realtors the information and materials for their clients to buy or sell a house in Victoria Estates. The following downloads include the Deed Restrictions, Covenants, and monthly VEHA dues. There are use restriction/regulations set forth for all Victoria Estates homeowners which run with the land. Please look over the full version of the approved HOA covenants or the use restrictions section and download for your to provide to your client.

File: VEHA CCR -- Complete Set including Bylaws - Upload 01/25/2023

File: VEHA Use Restrictions- Upload 01/24/2023

File: VEHA New Construction Guidelines 032010 - Upload 05/10/2017

File: VEHA 2023 Assessment Structure

Upload 01/24/2023

Download Victoria Estates Current Covenants (Full Version with VEHA Bylaws)

Download Victoria Estates Current Use Restrictions

Download the Victoria Estates new construction and development guidelines

Download a copy of the 2023 VEHA Assessment Structure

For up to date information on recorded and non-recorded plats within the development please visit the Scott County PVA Website by clicking here.

Questions or more information can be requested by writing to:

P.O. Box 887
Georgetown, KY  40324

Or  email the VEHA board directly by using the contact page.

The following pictures are provided for download royalty free and should be used on the listing of a property within Victoria Estates only.

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